The Car That Would Not Lose


By Dave Hogan

In recent Blue Ridge Region history, no event is more popular than the monthly Cars ‘n Coffee. These events produce the largest crowds and the most Porsche vehicles. One feature of these events is when Mick enlists the aid of a nearby child to select their favorite Porsche of those in the parking lot. And so our story begins.

Among the past events one Blue Ridge Region member, who likes the color white, seemed to have the most popular car. These white cars are affectionally known as the Snowmobile. When the Snowmobile is present everyone knows there is a very high likelihood of it being selected as favorite. No matter how many different styles or colors the other Porsches have, the Snowmobile tops them all. When the Snowmobile is not present others have hope their car will be selected and they can take home the trophy.

A recent event was held at The Resort at Glade Springs in West Virginia. Among the attendees was the Snowmobile. Since there was a “car you would like to drive home” car show scheduled, everyone wondered if the Snowmobile would take home another trophy. On the way to West Virginia, karma seemed to strike the Snowmobile. First one tire, then two, developed a slow leak. Fortunately, after stops to refill the tires, the Snowmobile limped into the resort parking lot. Far from home, and with few options, a truck was called to retrieve the stricken Snowmobile and return it home.

The morning of the car show, and just before the show began, a truck arrived and the Snowmobile started home. Blue Ridge Region members began to have hope their car would now be selected as one of the three most popular. After all, the Snowmobile was not in the show.

Good luck for the other Blue Ridge Region members you say? Well, karma went the other way at the awards ceremony that night. While no Blue Ridge Region members’ car won the most popular, there
was one other award to be given, the Chairman’s Award. With the theme “car you would like to drive home” the chairman decided the one carried home was the one most wanted to be driven home.

So, it seems the Snowmobile can win awards even when it is not there. There is little hope other Blue Ridge Region members will win the prized trophy as long as the Snowmobile is present, and now, even when it is not present. Dave, have you driven that car to buy a lottery ticket?