Charter Members

We received a note from Sharon Stanley about our list of Charter Members.

She said:


I need to be sure the roster reflects   I am a Charter Member of  BRR PCA.   I was Sharon Hobbs  –  Jack Hobbs may have been a Charter Member but I was as well.  We met and finalized  BRR PCA in our dealership, Rose Porsche Audi.

I had previously been a member of First Settlers and Carolina Region before we have  BRR. Joined in 1977

Please see that I am on the list and recognized as a Charter Member.  Not sure who maintains that list but if they need to clarify this, they may call me.

There seems to be a misunderstanding because of my name change.


Sharon Stanley

Charter Members – Revised

  • John Ferguson AND Iva Ferguson
  • George A Sasparian
  • Leonard D Hatch, Jr AND Caryl Hatch
  • Jack W. Hobbs AND Sharon Hobbs
  • John Kuykendall
  • Keith W Martin
  • William E Reefe AND Bev Reefe
  • Charles J. Schleupner AND Lynn Schleupner

Not all spouses were as engaged with club activities but most were.

A look thru the archives shows a few examples. Caryl Hatch was the first Secretary. Trish Rowe and Donna Simmons headed up Membership. Freida Sluder anchored Communications and later was Secretary. The list goes on. This club would be nothing without the women!

Sharon and Jack Hobbs
Bill and Bev Reefe
Charlie and Lynn Schleupner
Caryl and Dick Hatch

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