BRR-PCA Members Bring Joy During Social Distancing

What started out as disappointment became happiness for a young boy and delight for a number of Blue Ridge Region PCA members.

The story begins with a message from a BRR-PCA member Todd Beard …

I have a small dilemma. My youngest son turned 9 today and he is heartbroken because he can’t really have a party that was planned for Saturday; it was to be Porsche themed, actually cool cars in general.
Would anybody in the club be interested in doing a “drive by” for him in our neighborhood? If you don’t think this is appropriate, I understand, but just in case my address has been shared and we are at the end of the street on a cul-de-sac. Can’t miss it my 911 and 944 can be seen from the street.

The action …

18+ cars, many with both a member and partner drove past beeping and waving birthday greetings over a 2 hour period. One member’s friend even joined in with his MG! Thanks to Bill Hume’s suggestion, Gary Templeton pulled together a hat and other BRR-PCA items as gifts from our club and several region members generously dropped off gifts as well. All was done maintaining necessary social distancing.

Birthday Parade

The impact …

Thank you fellow BRR-PCA members. You made what could have been a terrible experience for my nine year old son a huge success! I so appreciate and am humbled by our regions outpouring of support for my son for his birthday. Thanks to all of the members who participated and brought your beautiful cars and all the gifts and birthday wishes made Isaiah’s birthday one that I doubt he will ever forget.

Gifts on Dad’s 944
A happy young Car Guy!

I have only on rare occasion been part of an organization that doesn’t just support their members but goes out of its way, in trying times like this, to bring joy to a young person like my son. My family and I are extremely grateful for today. Though I do not think the story ends there. You all demonstrated today, what can be done as an organization with commitment to a cause. Our society could take a lesson from all of your kindness and support. Please convey to the membership a big thank you on behalf of my entire family.

My son looked at me several times over the course of those two hours and said how “cool” all of today’s visits were. The icing on the cake that brought me to tears occurred tonight as he was getting ready for bed. He told me “Daddy this was the best birthday ever”. For me nothing tops that.