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  • Blog 9/19/2022


    No new Members this week.

    Cars and Coffee

    We had a beautiful morning Saturday for our drive to Dale’s Diner in Montvale for breakfast. Thirty members showed up with their cars in a line! Good food and good conversation!


    Blue Ridge Region PCA Events

    Oct 15BRR-PCA Cars N' Coffee - Green Goat Fall '22The Green GoatRegister now on
    Oct 16BRR-PCA TRSS Volunteer Registration Salem Civic CenterRegister now on
    Nov 19BRR-PCA Fall RallyBRR-PCA Location TBDMore Details

    Cars and Coffee at The Green Goat – October 15

    802 Wiley Drive SW Roanoke VA 24015

    October 15 at 10:00 AM (That is 10:00, a half-hour later)

    RSVP will be required by noon on Oct 12

    Rally – Save the date – November 19

    We have a rally in the making. Save this date. November 19. It will be a beautiful fall drive thru central Virginia!

    Street Survival

    As a reminder, Sunday, October 16, 2022 is the next Street Survival School at the Salem Civic Center. 

    We have a meeting on this Wednesday at Sports Car Clinic.  This meeting is intended for Volunteers primarily but Coaches are welcome.  There will be a follow-up email to the Coaches for an additional Coaches Only meeting the following Wednesday.  

    This planning meeting will mainly focus on some potentially significant changes to the course layout, volunteer assignments, and driving exercises. 

    For those who don’t know, the Sports Car Clinic is located at the following address:

    3328 Peters Creek Rd.
    Roanoke, VA 24109

    Our numbers for coaches have trended upwards but we still need your help, and the list of volunteers has stagnated substantially.  We have some vacant positions still out there so please invite anyone you can to participate.


    Club Racing Summit Point

    Well, you missed it. This past weekend was Potomac Regions Club Race at Summit. Here is picture of some of the historic Porsche’s that were competing!

    Historic Races at VIR

    For those who have never attended, next week the SVRA historic races will be at VIR. Below is a video of the races from 2020. It is a fun weekend. The pits are wide open and the driver/owners are more than willing to share their stories. Heacock Insurance is one of the sponsors of this event. They provide insurance for historic cars at their agreed value. You can contact them to get tickets at a considerable discount or buy them at the door at VIR.

    Here is the registration information from Hagerty. Basically, you are entering your car into their car show. Any car will be accepted. In return, you get two passes, VIP Parking and more.

    Saturday, October 8, 2022 The Hagerty Cars & Caffeine car
    show at VIR is open to all Classic, Vintage, Exotic, Motorcycles
    and Collectible Cars of interest. Each $50.00 Car Show
    registration includes:

    • 2 Weekend passes to the Races – Touring laps on the Virginia
      International Raceway in your show car – VIP Parking – Full
      access to the race car paddock.
      September at “America’s Motorsports Resort” has long been a
      favorite weekend on SVRA’s calendar. The SVRA, Trans Am
      Series by Pirelli and International GT will be racing as a part of
      this VIR weekend. In addition, a separate group of first generation
      Mazda Miata competition cars will compete in the Miata Heritage
      Cup Series. Register here:

      Questions call Toni Strollo at 863-698-8620 or

    Le Mans

    A couple of stories on Le Mans. I was reading Facebook today and came across a video on driving the Porsche 917 at Le Mans in 1969 that I thought you might enjoy. Click on this link and enjoy. Be sure to click on the sound!

    And as a reminder of the importance of aerodynamics at speeds in excess of 200 MPH, here is a picture of what happened to a Mercedes in 1999. Click here for a video on exactly why this happened.

    Hogan’s Corner

    Good watchdog

    WATCH OUT! State Trooper at 6 o’clock and closing fast.

    Porsche Gone Bad




    And Finally

    When things go bad ……