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Blue Ridge Region PCA Events

Jun 10BRR-PCA Cars N Coffee - LynchburgAcorn Hill Lodge and BistroMore Details
Jun 14BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingSportscar ClinicRegister now on
Jun 24Back of the DragonBack of the DragonMore Details
Jul 12BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingSportscar ClinicMore Details
Aug 9BRR-PCA Full Board MeetingBRR-PCA Location TBDMore Details
Sep 13BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingSportscar ClinicMore Details
Oct 11BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingSportscar ClinicMore Details
Nov 8BRR-PCA Full Board MeetingBRR-PCA Location TBDMore Details
Dec 13BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingSportscar ClinicMore Details

Cars n Coffee at Dale’s Diner – September 17

11076 W. Lynchburg-Salem Tompkins

Montvale VA 24122. Next to the defunct Tank Farm

September 17 2022 at 0930 hrs. Our usual time. 

Again seating is limited. Please RSVP to Gene Reed by noon on September 14

Cars and Coffee at The Green Goat – October 15

802 Wiley Drive SW Roanoke VA 24015

October 15 at 10:00 AM (That is 10:00, a half-hour later)

RSVP will be required by noon on Oct 12

They did such a good job in April we’re double-dipping 

Plus Pat Clowser made a request. 

Hope to see you there!

All Things Porsche and More…

Bugatti Brakes

I have told my story so many times, you are probably bored with it. Anyways, in 2004, I was invited to drive in the Le Mans Historic Races. I drove a 1930 Type 40 Bugatti. I saw this picture on Facebook that shows the brake setup on the Bugatti. Thought you might enjoy it.


This may be of interest to someone out there!

1984 Porsche 911 Turbo Slantnose

Current high bid: $250  Ends in: 5 Days 7 Hours

Click Here for more information

Racing Footage from 1971 Le Mans


The racing footage is top class, but I hope nobody will mistake the movie as a re-enactment of the 1970 race. None of John Wyer’s four Porsche 917s got to the finish line. One of them did not even get to the start. None of Ferrari’s works 512S’s finished either, and one of them did not even get to the start as well. The race was won by the surviving Porsche 917 of Porsche’s other works team. It was never pictured in the movie at all. Martini-Rossi’s Porsche 917 – the “hippie car” – came in second. The movie showed a glimpse of it for a second or two. Martini-Rossi’s Porsche 908/2 placed third, and the Ferrari supported NART and Belgian teams brought one Ferrari 512S into 4th and 5th place respectively.

Watch Here

The Seinfelt Garage

For celebrities, the whole world is their oyster. They can get whatever they want because being in the entertainment industry pays a lot of cash. The bigger the celebrity, the more fans they have which would mean more money for them. These celebrities spend their fortune on the things they enjoy and most of them accumulate rare collectible items, such as art or expensive figurines. One such celeb with a costly hobby is Jerry Seinfeld. Rumored to have over 150 cars in his private garage, with an estimated worth of somewhere between $50 to $150 million, he holds some of the most expensive cars known to man.

Click Here for more

The Ol’ Piddler

From the son of the Severeid we watched on the evening news AND he never once mentioned Donald Trump…….. 

The owner’s manual for my 52-year-old car is 91 pages including the above advice but also the swapping out brake pads, belt changing etc…..

My 2006’s owner’s manual is 301 pages mostly filled with instructions of how not to be an idiot having been absented any form of common sense in addition, another separate volume of a whopping 395 pages telling you how to work the car’s “Communication Management” systems or IT stuff….also inclusive of how not to be an idiot by not getting electrocuted as well.  In short[pun intended], when one of any IDIOT LIGHTS illuminate, one of the 301 pages states, “Go immediately to the dealership or STOP DRIVING and tow the car to the dealership”!

While in 2006 there were some things that an adept person could undertake without reliance on a computer all of which is NOT included in the owner’s manual – new cars now are basically, go see the dealership and bring your bank account!

Not sure if we are really advancing humankind in this direction….  Particularly, when some dealerships should be flying a Pirate flag rather than their marker’s mark/brand.

Case in point: My mechanically astute 80+ year-old neighbor [potentially an easy mark for an up-sell] took his new ultra-rare Mercedes in because the IDIOT LIGHT said that the car needed new brake pads [ basically < and hour if that to install].  OK, although there were less-than-10,000 miles on the car, it said it was in need of new pads.  Who’s to argue with AI right?

After a short consultation between the “Technician” [no longer called mechanics] and the Service Supervisor the latter came over and said, “Oh, we are sorry to say – although the other IDIOT LIGHT did not illuminate – ” Mr. X, you’ll need more than the pads; in fact, your car needs, new rotors [disks] and calipers along with a complete brake fluid flush which will be about $5,000 due to the rarity of your car!”

So, in an instant a $400-600 job added another “0” to the invoice.

After Mr X’s temper indued eruption and threatening to bring fraud charges, guess what, the apologetically Service Manger left and then came back saying that, ” We made a mistake!  So sorry we confused your car with another cutover’s!  You do only need the pads swapped out.”

Mr. X then called them outright liars as, his was the only “Rare” car on the lot… 

They changed the pads for free….

Woe be it to those who have little mechanical knowledge these days as we march onward in time….

I’ll go back to adjusting my values now thank you….

Hogan’s Corner

How do Porsche cars get to the track? In a trailer pulled by a big truck.

Porsche Gone Bad



And Finally