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July 5th

Blue Ridge Blogger


Welcome to our newest member, Joshua Alvarado who lives in Roanoke, Virginia.   Josh has a 2016 Boxster Spyder.


Lake Pipes Cars N Coffee

This popular event takes place almost every weekend out here at SML.  We had a number of Porsche’s represented.  

What a beautiful Cab!

Dawn’s new ride

Upcoming Lake Pipes Cars and Coffee/Ice Cream

  • Sunday, July 11th  Ice Cream Sunday’s (aka, Sunday Sundae)
  • Saturday, July 17th  Cars & Coffee
  • Sunday, July 25th  Ice Cream Sunday’s (aka, Sunday Sundae)
  • Saturday, July 31st  5th Saturday Special FLASH EVENT

BRR Cars and Coffee July 24th  RSVP Required

We have a second BRR Cars’Coffee set for 

               Old Oak Cafe

              410 Scruggs Rd

              Moneta VA 24121              

             July 24,2021              

               0930 hrs

An RSVP will be required by Noon Wednesday July 21

Electronic Waivers

Guess what.  Electronic Waivers are no longer required!   

Dear Region Officers, Zone Reps and National Staff,

Thank you for your continued efforts to keep our members safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.

As states and provinces have eased their restrictions, PCA’s first priority remains the health and safety of our members, volunteers, sponsors and employees. Please continue to follow all local guidelines and restrictions. 

The intent of the Communicable Disease Waiver (CDW) was to allow us to get back to events as quickly as practical in a responsible manner.

We are pleased to announce, effective Thursday, July 1, 2021, PCA no longer requires the use of the CDW. Of course, all other appropriate waivers are still needed.

Thank you for all you do for PCA,

Cindy JacisinPCA Executive Vice President

Save The Dates

September 17-19 

For an event being planned jointly with the First Settlers Region.  Details are being refined but rumors are that it will include a driving tour (Fun Run) originating in SML, raising funds and/or food donations for a Franklin, Lunch and at least one dinner. More info will be posted as available.


Our hard working Social Chair is working on additional Cars N Coffee events.

 Fall 2021  

Plans are being developed for celebrating our 40th Anniversary this coming fall.

And Yes there may be more stuff coming.

Virginia Festival of the Wheel  September 3, 4, 5  

This looks interesting.   It is in the Charlottesville area.  

Festival of the Wheel Video

Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance October-November 

Electric Porsche Retrofit
So, here is an interesting video on converting a 912 to electric using a Tesla engine.   The results are amazing.  Porsche 912 Electric
And how about a Porsche 356 ElectricHogan’s Corner

Seen at Busch Gardens back in 2012Where is it now???

Mick’s Piddling’s

A new Family Member, Porcia

Salisbury’s Stories

This story is abstracted from notes from our esteemed member, Don Salisbury, whose garage looks like a museum from time to time.  I saw this picture and asked him to write a brief story for your enjoyment.

 “I was searching for a few 53 Zwitter door parts back in February. The search lead me to a guy named Paul who lives up in MD and has a VW based shop.  I noticed he had a 356 kit car with an over the top VW engine.  I asked him if he would sell the roller. He gave me a price…too much. 

Later on In May a group of us rented a 40ft boat for 5 days of seafood and spirts… our annual trip for 4 old track rats, Dave Snow, Charlie Schleupner, Micky Dowling and me.  It happened Pauls’ shop was 15 miles from where we rented the boat.  So we did what car guys do…. we stopped to see his shop.  

The kit car was a very nice build…. very nice.  I approached him again to sell me the roller.  We agreed on a price.  

I wanted to put a 57 356 engine in it.  I found one in CA, agreed on a price (what he was asking) and he agreed to deliver it to Albuquerque .  Road trip for both.   Tom, (PCA and 356 Register board member) has  a 55 356 that he shows, daily driver is s 64 356 C.  This was his mule engine…didn’t want to risk the matching number engine.

 A couple of years ago he installed the 55 engine and this 57 sat in the garage. He saw my ad looking for one.  Over the last week A local 356 guru and I installed the 57 engine… it is perfect.  

This is just a toy project… having fun.. It will be listed in Pano shortly…. my last non Porsche body listing was a  1974 Lola SV…powered by a 2.0 914 engine……sold in 28 minutes.   That said a real speedster is  $1/4 M or more!  If you have a speedster and are not driving it…. this might be for you. 

PS i am a sucker for wide body outlaws!”

The Blogger


I had to steal this picture from Dave Hogan’s Corner.  Reid and I had a recent conversation about the BRR Website.  For those in the know, Dave Hogan has worked tirelessly on the website for many years.   He is ready to step aside.   Reid has been working with Word Press, a widely used programming language to build websites.  He is almost ready to launch this new site.  One of the concepts in the development is to make it easier for members to contribute content to the website.  

The BRR Blogger is developed using a Google product called Blogger.   While adequate, it is antiquated and is not conducive to group development.   So, as part of the website project, we are working on a way to facilitate broader participation from the members.  Hogan’s Corner, Mick’s Piddling’s, Salisbury’s Stories, The Blogger are each places where members can contribute their nuggets for your enjoyment.  I can create more.   You do not have to contribute every week.   But when you find that nugget, please share it.  For now, just send it to

For now, I will continue to collect and present the content of the Blogger.   In the future, each of you can send us nuggets that you run across and we can easily add them to the Blogger using the same technology for our new website.  

Stay tuned!

Porsches Gone Bad


Lawrence and his 911SC


Best Pickup Truck Ever

Here is an interesting story about a 914 Pickup Truck.  I will include a couple of pictures and a link to an interesting story.  914 Pickup Truck

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