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July 19

 July 19

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ALERT – October 17 –  40th Anniversary BRR Celebration – Save The Date


Test Drive Members

Do you know what a “Test Drive” Member is?   I could not remember.  So, I went to and did a search.   I found a PCA membership application for Test Drive Member’s.  Here is what it says:

Don’t own a Porsche yet? PCA Test Drive might be for you! The PCA Test Drive program provides you a six-month subscription to Porsche Panorama, the club’s national monthly magazine, and a temporary account to log on to our website. The magazine provides you with news and feature stories covering all aspects of Porsche as well as technical articles that impart valuable information about the cars we drive. The temporary website account gives you online access to hundreds of Porsches for sale by PCA members in The Mart, which is also featured in every issue of Panorama. PCA Test Drive is $40 for a six-month subscription. For more information and registration visit:

Anyways, we currently have two Test Drive Members:

  • Joe Cole who lives in Blacksburg and 
  • Victor Foti Jr who lives in Roanoke.  

In order to become a member, they have to own a Porsche and more importantly, want to join.   

So, if you see them, be nice to them.   AND…. help them find a car!  


July 24th – BRR Cars and Coffee   RSVP Required

We have a second BRR Cars’Coffee at

               Old Oak Cafe

              410 Scruggs Rd

              Moneta VA 24121              

             July 24,2021              

               0930 hrs

An RSVP will be required by Noon Wednesday July 21

August 21st – BRR Cars and Coffee   RSVP Required

 We have a BRR Cars’Coffee set at

              Dales Diner

              3010 W Lynchburg-Salem Turnpike

                        Montvale, VA 24122            

               August 21,2021              

   0930 hrs

Next to the old Tank Farm that ain’t tanking anymore.

This will require an RSVP by Noon Wednesday August 18.

September 3, 4, 5  Virginia Festival of the Wheel  

This looks interesting.   It is in the Charlottesville area.  

Festival of the Wheel Video

Rumor is that someone was invited to show his 1971 Maserati Ghibli.  I looked at the lineup of cars.   It is worth the drive up.

September 17-19 – SML Charity Driving Tour, Lunch and Opt Dinner RSVP

Register Now before the event fills

The event is being planned jointly with the First Settlers Region.  There is a limit of 70 attendees.

Details are being refined but rumors are that it will include:

  • Fun Runs on a 2 hour drive in the Blue Ridge below Waynesboro
  • Lunch at the historic Blue Lady in Bedford
  • Social and boat rides on SML at the Coston’s beautiful home
  • Fun Runs around SML
  • Homestead Creamery visit
  • Dinner at Vinny’s Italian Grill 

October 17 –  40th Anniversary BRR Celebration – Save The Date

Plans are being developed for celebrating our 40th Anniversary this coming fall.   This date has been approved by the board and reserved by the facility.

It will be at the Vinton War Memorial in Vinton, VA.

It will include:

  • A car event (rally, fun drive or similar)
  • A car show
  • Social Hour
  • Dinner, 
  • and more…

November 7 – Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance 

Hogan’s Corner

Dave never fails to amaze me.   He has an eye for a great picture!

Sometimes a good photograph is one from a different perspective.

Blast from the Past

Some of you are aware that we have pictures from Albums that our members painstakingly assembled many years ago.  Our club has been in existence since the 1980s, before some of us (not me) were even born.  So, in discussions earlier this week at our board meeting, someone suggested we should pick a picture or two from those albums to share with our members.  Here are a couple of photos from the early days!

The  Social Events were a little different in those days!

Dick and Caryl Hatch


BRR members having lunch, Ed and Pat Clowser, Annette and Steve Strickland, Don and Vicky Salisbury and Margee Kauffman.

Porsche’s Gone Bad


Can any of our members identify the location depicted on our logo/name tags?  Dan DeHart was looking at our logo being used as the backdrop by one of our members during a recent  zoom call and thought he recognized the scene.  Dave Hogan knows he took the photo somewhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway but has no idea of the location.    

Send your best guess   (reference either milepost number or overlook name) to  A worthwhile gift awaits the winner.  I will provide the answer and some facts about this location next week. 


Learned a bit about sandblasting this weekend.   We were at Don Salisbury’s Farm and Don gave us a lesson on how to sand blast.   We started with Ed Clowser and Don working on a frog figurine to remove the paint.  If  you look carefully, you can see the figurine below the reflection of Ed and Don.

Sand Blasting

The results are shown by Pat Clowser.

Last, the Blogger himself cleaned up a rusty wrench.


Last week, I told you the story about Don’s new “Porsche” Speedster.   Well, this week, I got to drive it!  What a thrill.  You sit low, peer out that windshield, slip it thru the gears, slide (oh, so gently) thru the corners, then on the floor for the straights while you listen to the purr of that 356 engine.   A dream to drive.  I made it home safely, to Don’s relief!

I will admit it is a bit hard to get my legs out of it.   But with practice…..!


My Friend has the LOUDEST Porsche GT3 RS EVER!

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