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 June 14

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Welcome to two new members!

Austin Haltom who resides in Lynchburg, Virginia .

Austin has a 1974 Porsche 911  (an awesome car!!)


Donovan and Mabel Mccorrison in Moneta, VA

The Mccorrison’s have a 2006 Boxster.            

Cars N Coffee – Blue Ridge Region
BRR Cars and Coffee June 26th  RSVP Required
We have a BRR Cars’nCoffee set for Saturday June 26 2021 at:
            Blue Ridge Bagels            19327 C Leesville Rd             Lynchburg VA 24502             starting at 0930 hrs.
This event is filling fast.  

This event has seating capacity of 40. Therefore Gene is asking all attendees to RSVP directly to him at or the BRR/social address     

Gene expects this to fill up so, email him now!

BRR Cars and Coffee July 24th  RSVP Required

We have a second BRR Cars’Coffee set for 

               Old Oak Cafe

              410 Scruggs Rd

              Moneta VA 24121              

             July 24,2021              

               0930 hrs

An RSVP will be required by Noon Wednesday July 21

 Lynchburg Cars and Coffee

Go to Lyncgburg CnC for updated times.

 CLUB RACERS: June 18-20

PCA Zone 2 is pleased to once again host its annual “Rumble at the Oak Tree” PCA Club Race at VIR June 18-20th on your favorite race track (VIR Full Course!).  Although some of you club racers may be already registered to race that weekend, there are some that have yet to register.  If you are a PCA Club Racer and wish to be a part of this exciting event please register very soon so we can firm up plans.  Registration is at Club Racing  

Advanced level HPDE 

Interested in some track time–three hours of non-stop, open-track format track time to be exact?  You must be an advanced DE driver.    Please register for the Zone 2 Advanced HPDE that directly follows the end of the last race at VIR on Sunday June 20th. We will host a three hour open track format, advanced (expanded passing with a point-by) DE from 2:30 PM until 5:30 PM that day immediately following the last Enduro race.  Normal PCA DE rules apply.  Yes–you have to have a signed DE Tech Inspection Form when arriving and we will have an at the track Tech Inspection that day.  We will also have a Driver’s meeting.  Here is the good news:  1 Car with a Primary Driver–$150, secondary drivers sharing a car (Ideal for endurance racing teams)–$50, Club Race Volunteers with two or more days of volunteering–$50.  Club Racers that are registered in the Club Race–$50.   Star City Motor Madness June 25 & 26  Roanoke, VA  

Star City Motor Madness in Roanoke, Virginia will be held this year! Last year with COVID-19 on the loose, state restrictions prohibited large events like ours but this year we’re making plans for our 2-day cruise and car show. 

Thank you for your past participation and we hope that you’ll join us again this year, Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26. The cruise on Williamson Road is Friday from 6pm to 10pm and the car show in downtown Roanoke is Saturday from 10am to 4pm. 

Attached is the car show registration form. Simply print out the registration form, fill it in and mail with your check or money order. You may also register online and pay with a credit card. Just go to thispage on our site and click on the car show online registration button. Star City Motor Madness is now in its 20th year supporting the Virginia Museum of Transportation and other area non-profits. 

Virginia Festival of the Wheel  September 3, 4, 5  

This looks interesting.   It is in the Charlottesville area.  

Festival of the Wheel Video

Hogan’s Corner

BRR members and cars, October 2015, at the Swinging Bridge Restaurant in Paint Bank, VA


Le Mans

I was getting ready to write something about this year’s Le Mans Race.   This race typically is on the 2nd weekend of June.  But the race has been postponed to 21-22 August of 2021.   This postponement is in hope of being able to fully open for spectators.  So, stay tuned.


Ferrari has recently chosen the more innovative of two projects for its 2022 Formula 1 power unit. But, contrary to stories published in Italy, The Race understands that this will not feature the split turbo technology currently used by Mercedes and Honda.

The new power unit – which by regulation will be essentially frozen in spec until the end of the current formula in 2025 – is hugely important for Ferrari after being severely compromised by technical directives introduced in 2020 in response to an FIA investigation into the team’s powerful 2019 engine.


Why am I boring you with news about Ferrari and Formula One?  Because Porsche is rumored to return in 2025.


Bring a Trailer

I have had a long time interest in BMWs, having enjoyed a 1600, a Bavaria, a M5 and a 2002tii.   This latter car was a load of fun and if not for the rust, I might still have it.   I saw in Bring a Trailer, a tii that I thought might be interesting to read about.  It was a 

1972 BMW 2002t11 5-Speed.

For those who know their Bimmers, you would immediately pick up on the “5-speed”, as these came with a 4-speed transmission.  

  • 12k Miles Shown, TMU
  • Relpacement 2.0-Liter M10 Inline-Four
  • Kugelfischer Mechanical Fuel Injection
  • Five-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Baikal Blue Metallic Paint
  • Brown Vinyl Upholstery
  • Multi-Year Refurbishment Completed in 2010s
  • Bilstein Shocks
  • Sunroof
  • Driving Lamps
  • Nardi Steering Wheel
  • Clarion CD Player w/Bluetooth
  • Window Sticker
  • Refurbishment Records
  • Private Party Or Dealer: Private Party

This one had an engine/transmission swap.   A nice car, going for a cool $46,000.   

It ain’t a Porsche though!

I Ran out of Gas Again!

So, last week, I jumped in my 1974 Porsche Carrera to go to the CnC here at Smith Mountain Lake and it would not start.  I could hear the fuel pump screaming and it did not sound like it was pumping gas.  I asked a friend if he would stop by and give it a look.  

His first step was to check the ignition.  Plenty of spark!  So, he pulled the air cleaner and checked the air-flow sensor plate for pressure.  No pressure, i.e. no gas.  Knowing my history for running out of gas, (I ran out of gas at Wind Gap on Rt 112 several years ago and he had to rescue me) he insisted we add a bit of gas to the tank.  It was almost full.  It has a new gas tank, new lines, new filter etc. I had last driven the car back in March and it ran great!

This is a 1974 Carrera, which was essentially a prototype year for the long runs of Carrera and SCs thru 1989.   All those models have a fuel pump mounted in front of the car below the tank on a notch molded on the frame added in 1975.  But, in 1974, the few hundreds of Carreras manufactured had a fuel pump mounted below the car to the rear of drivers seat.  

He jacked up the front of the car, both wheels off the ground.   Then with the ignition on, he gently rocked the car.  Slowly the gas pump primed.   You could hear the change in tone.   We put the car down on the ground and she started right up.

Who knew?   Well, he did.   Years of working on Porsches and some smarts came up the the answer.

Apparently the gas evaporated in the fuel pump. Bottom line, I need to drive the car more.  

Thank you Marc!

A Porsche Gone Bad


Anyone get the puzzle from last week.  Send it to Reid and he will give you a case of beer!


How long before I need new brakes?


From the 20 best car ads of all time