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May 10 

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Dick Hatch is at Friendship Health and Rehabilitation Center South Room 423 at 5647 Starkey Road recovering from a fall.  Stop and see him if you can.   

Martin’s Cars and Coffee

Last weekend, there was a special Cars and Coffee at Martin’s German Cars.   If you missed it, you missed a happening!  Here are some pictures. 

There were 26 BRR members in attendance, including a welcome sighting of the Snowman and the Piddler. 

Survey ResultsRestarting Events – Our membership was recently surveyed to gain insight on restarting events. The results show that 94% will consider participating in events this year.  66% would participate in Cars N’ Coffees as early as May with the percentage increasing through year end.  82% are interested in restarting Driving Tours.  Likely participation in other social events range from 51% to 73%.  Street Survival, Autocross and HPDE likely participation all came in at 32% likely participation, which is consistent with pre-Covid surveys.  The survey also showed that 87% have been Covid vaccinated with that number climbing to 92% by the end of June and 96% by year end.
Beginning May 15th, Virginia will permit indoor social gatherings of 100 people and outdoor gathering to 250 people.  Limits for entertainment venues and recreational sporting events will be higher.
Stay tuned as the BRR-PCA Event Chairs and Board begin to schedule events based on the survey results and the relaxation of Virginia restrictions.

Best Porsche to Buy

Here is a great article on the best Porsche’s to buy.    Best Porsche’s to Buy

Bring a Trailer

Many of you have not heard about the website, It is THE place to buy and sell your cars, motorcycles and even things like rims.   You should subscribe, if only to see some interesting cars from time to time.   This week I spotted a Porsche 924,  Not just any old 924 but a GTS Club Sport.   What is so special about this car?   Click below and read about it.   By the way, it sold for $261,000!

Click here to learn more.   924GTS Club Sport

Drivers Education

Interested in Drivers Education?   Take a read of this well written description of these events. on Earth.pdf

Cars and Coffee Lynchburg

Here is a non PCA Event up in Lynchburg.  Be patient.  We will be scheduling our own C&C shortly.

Hogan`s Corner

Each week, Dave Hogan is dusting off his archives of pictures of past events.  

Donna waves goodbye leaving The Colonial Restaurant, November 2019. We did not know it would be over a year before we could go back.  We are awaiting the restart of Cars ‘n Coffee inside, hopefully in June.


Werks Reunion May 22  Must Register  Amelia Island, FL 
Star City Motor Madness June 25 & 26  Roanoke, VA  

Star City Motor Madness in Roanoke, Virginia will be held this year! Last year with COVID-19 on the loose, state restrictions prohibited large events like ours but this year we’re making plans for our 2-day cruise and car show. 

Thank you for your past participation and we hope that you’ll join us again this year, Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26. The cruise on Williamson Road is Friday from 6pm to 10pm and the car show in downtown Roanoke is Saturday from 10am to 4pm. 

Attached is the car show registration form. Simply print out the registration form, fill it in and mail with your check or money order. You may also register online and pay with a credit card. Just go to thispage on our site and click on the car show online registration button. Star City Motor Madness is now in its 20th year supporting the Virginia Museum of Transportation and other area non-profits. 

Virginia Festival of the Wheel  September 3, 4, 5  

This looks interesting.   It is in the Charlottesville area.  

Festival of the Wheel Video As for our region, there are no events scheduled yet.  Plans are being made to restart Cars n’ Coffee soon.  The Region also is planning a delayed 40th Anniversary celebration in the fall.  Additionally our club is considering running a Tire Rack Street Survival for teen drivers also on the fall.  More to follow.And Of Course 
A Porsche Gone Bad


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