Blog 4/18/2022


No new members this month.

Chance Meeting

Several of our members planned to meet at the Sounds of the Mountains last week. To their surprise, they ran into two other members of the club. Four Porsche guys enjoying cultural diversity and the Lost Art of Storytelling. Jim Wallace, Reid Kuder, Marc Wilson and Jim Laub!


Blue Ridge Region PCA Events

Jul 24BRR-PCA Lunch Social - ArringtonBlue Mountain Barrel HouseRegister
Aug 14BRR-PCA Full Board MeetingBRR-PCA Location TBDRegister
Sep 11BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingShakers Restaurant - RoanokeRegister
Sep 22BRR-PCA TRSS Volunteer Registration Sept 22 Salem Civic CenterRegister
Oct 9BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingShakers Restaurant - RoanokeRegister
Nov 13BRR-PCA Full Board MeetingBRR-PCA Location TBDRegister
Dec 11BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingShakers Restaurant - RoanokeRegister

Gary Bell Annual Rally April 30th

Registration is now open!

We have driven in two previous rally’s. They are loads of fun. A chance to see some of our beautiful state on back roads. I guarantee you will enjoy it!

Registration will close at midnight April 24th. (That is next Sunday night!) So, register NOW! Click on the button in the box above.

Rally Meeting Time – 10AM at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, 487 Maury River Road

First Car out at 10:30AM.  We anticipate arriving at the finish line around 1pm with lunch to follow.  After lunch, folks will be free to look around the Cartorium and then folks will be on their own for the remainder of the day.

The rally will be approximately 96 miles through scenic Rockbridge, Bath, Highland, and Augusta Counties, ending in Staunton at the Cartorium for lunch.  The Cartorium is a unique car club and car storage facility where one can view eclectic cars and other automobile memorabilia. 

The rally will include a time component as well as a gimmick component where participants will have to answer questions along the route.

Sneak Preview on Upcoming Cars and Coffee’s

  • May 14. Hale’s Restaurant in Shawsville VA. 0930 hrs.  RSVP to by noon May 11. Seating is limited 
  • June. No CnC at this time due to timing of Parade and the New Member/Charity Social on the 25th
  • July 16. Blue Ridge Bagels in Lynchburg VA. 0930 hrs.  RSVP to by noon, July 13. 

Hogan’s Corner

Laura & Dave stopped for some ice cream and their Macan attracted quite a fan club.


Incredible last lap battle between Lola T70 and McLaren M1A at Goodwood 79MM Click Here

Performance Driving

Several weeks ago, a member emailed me about Performance Driving. I started with Autocross, then Drivers Education and finally Club Racing. I had a great time, never wrecked my car, and stayed within a reasonable (undefined) budget. This week I got my Excellence Magazine and was amazed by their Performance Driving Guide.

It covers:

  • Performance Driving Options, like Autocross, Track Driving and Club Racing
  • The Best Porsches for Performance Driving
  • Driving Fundamentals
  • Preparing Yourself and Your Car
  • Driving Schools, Coaches and Improving as a Driver
  • Car Setups and Adjustments
  • Modifications

356 Carrera Engine

So, I thought I would include this picture of a 1500 Carrera engine. Not something you see very often. I had a Speedster Carrera back in 1965. This is the same engine. They had dual ignition systems, with two distributors. There were two setups. One had a V-drive off the crankshaft. The other, like mine, had them off the intake camshaft. To set the timing, you held a timing lite on the crank shaft and revved it up to 6000 RPM while you twisted the distributor. Sticking your head under the lid with the engine howling at 6-grand took guts! The drivers side front lower spark plug could not be changed with the engine in the car. On the dashboard were two switches that allowed you to turn off each distributor. That allowed you to play with different setups.

It was a great autocross car, the gearing allowed you to stay in one and alternating the timing was an interesting addition. And Speedsters were great for handbrake turns. Go straight in, turn the wheel slightly, grab the hand brake and pivot around. We thought we were soooo coool! Anyways, it was fun!

Porsche Gone Bad!



“I think we should call Mark Morrison”!


James Dean and his Speedster

And Finally

And One More (Turn Down your Sound)