Blog 4/17/2023


Welcome to Sean Lynch who recently converted from a Test Drive membership to a Full membership. Let’s all make it worth his while! Sean drives a 2006 Cayman S and lives in Roanoke.


We Need Your Help!

Several weeks ago, we had a meeting and created an exciting list of potential activities. They included:

  • Picnic on the Parkway – Perhaps a good event to invite other car clubs or regions to as well.
  • Belmont Farms Distillery – Culpepper, VA
  • Madison Automotive Apprentices – Harrisonburg, VA
  • An over night drive/tour
  • Join a SML Lake Pipes car club event 
  • Cars N Coffees in Lynchburg –  One held already!
  • Fly In & Hot Rods – Homestead Airport
  • Biltmore Overnight
  • Mid Week Cars N Coffee lunch – One done in Lynchburg already
  • Drive Back of the Dragon – A member is ready to arrange a catered breakfast/dinners.
  • Autocross with Shenandoah Region or SCCA.

But now we need your help. Someone has to lead! If you are able to be that person, others will be available to assist you. Pick one, call a friend, build a team and let’s do it. Together, we can enjoy more activities!

Blue Ridge Region PCA Events

Jul 24BRR-PCA Lunch Social - ArringtonBlue Mountain Barrel HouseRegister
Aug 14BRR-PCA Full Board MeetingBRR-PCA Location TBDRegister
Sep 11BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingShakers Restaurant - RoanokeRegister
Sep 22BRR-PCA TRSS Volunteer Registration Sept 22 Salem Civic CenterRegister
Oct 9BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingShakers Restaurant - RoanokeRegister
Nov 13BRR-PCA Full Board MeetingBRR-PCA Location TBDRegister
Dec 11BRR-PCA Executive Board MeetingShakers Restaurant - RoanokeRegister

Cars and Coffee

Cars ‘n Coffee at Old Oak Café

Overnight thunderstorms made our Saturday drive to Old Oak Café in Moneta, VA damp and a little foggy. Most roads were dry and there were comfortable temperatures. Not the best start to our event, but not unpleasant.

As usual, there was much parking lot socializing before our reservation time. Old Oak Café is one of our favorite restaurants, and everything there was superb in every way. There was a lot of conversation in the room, that is until the food arrived.

While there, former Blue Ridge Region members Eddie and Terri Fort happened by from their new home in North Carolina. Their visit was an added pleasure. Don’t you love an unexpected surprise? After eating there was the additional socializing in the parking lot and the goodbyes that go with the end of every event. The weather was mostly clear and warm so we put the top down for the trip home.

Several members, including my wife and I, decided to take the scenic route home with a stop at Carter’s General Store along the way. If you have not been to a 1900s general store you should visit this one. Some members decided the desserts were too good to pass up. My apple pie was superb!

An added attraction was Doug’s Porsche 912, with Hawaii license plates, fresh from some restoration work done by our own Mark Morrison. I suspect that car has traveled the longest distance to get to Blue Ridge Region. See you next time!

Carter’s General Store – David Hay

After breakfast I ask if anyone wanted to join me fie a country drive to the Carters General Store in Leesville.  Built early 1900’s. Like walking back in time. Everyone had a great time. 

Hogan’s Corner

A horse of a different color at Parade 2011

Porsche Gone Bad


Nice license plate!


Fit for a King!



And Finally

One More

A customer waiting for his new car!