Blog – 2/7/2022


New Members

Three new members this month.

First, welcome to Kimbel Hunter from Salem who brings a 2021 Cayman S into the club.

Next, we have Gavin Macbrien from Blue Ridge, who has a 2014 911 Turbo S.

Last, we have Jeff Mangold from Moneta who brings a 2018 911 GT3.

Welcome to you all!

Planning Meeting

Well, we all have been waiting to get a glimpse into what might be on the schedule for 2022. Hopefully, Covid will continue to weaken its hold on our lives and we can implement some of these ideas.

Street Survival

Marc Wilson talked about what we have done as a club over the years. In the initial years, we were able to field the team of instructors and volunteers to do two events a year. But this is a big commitment. As we get restarted, the thinking is to do just one. Mark is investigating September 24/25 or October 1/2.

Rally Event

Jim Wallace s considering two dates, a Spring event on April 23 and a Fall event on September 17. The events will be limited to 4 hours.

Cars & Coffee

Gene Reed is planning one C&C per month. Also, they are considering adding a Drive to the event. Potential events might be:

  • Devil Backbone Restaurant –  C&C with a drive
  • Green Goat Restaurant on a nice day when we can park on the lawn as the parking lot is too small
  • Pete’s Restaurant
  • Crossroads Café in Woolwine

Other Events Discussed

  • BBQ/Fund Raiser
  • Driving Tour
  • Maddison Automotive Apprentice Program – JMU Internship Program – Drive and Visit
  • New Member’s Party
  • Holiday Party
  • Autocross

Hogan’s Corner

Apparently, some Porsche drivers need an instructor on the street.


Formula One

For those interested in F1 Racing, there is a new car design for 2022. The first pictures out there are for the Haas Team. Haas is the only American racing team. Here is a link to a video on their new entry.

Speedster Carrera

Back in the day, I dropped out of Penn State and joined a friend to start Sports Car Specialties, two young men who thought they knew more about cars than they really did. Anyways, my partner had a Jaguar Mark IX, in beautiful condition. One weekend he swapped it and some cash with David Piper, son of Piper Aircraft. In exchange, he got a 1957 Porsche Speedster Carrera.

So, we all know about Speedsters. But the Speedster Carrera was a special beast. It had a twin cam engine with dual ignition, a dry sump and a 7500RPM redline. And a sound that would make your heart twinge. His car had its distributor’s positioned off the top cams, left and right, unlike the picture below with the V mount. You set the timing at 6000RPM. It was exciting to hold the timing light under the hood, with the engine screaming and your partner twisting the distributors one at a time to get that timing just right. And you had to pull the engine to change the plugs, one was buried in the back and was not accessible. We won many an autocross with this car. It was awesome.

Uncle Sam ruined all my fun!

Porsche Gone Bad

Driver Gone Stupid

While some might think it is exciting to see how fast your car can go on the German Autobahn, I would disagree. Imagine being passed by a car going over 150MPH faster than you are going? The tycoon who drove Bugatti 259 mph on German Autobahn could face 2 years in jail.

Czech real estate tycoon Radim Passer has been officially scolded by the German Transport Ministry for a video he posted to his popular YouTube channel of him driving a Bugatti Chiron at an indicated 259 mph (417 km/h) on the Autobahn.

The point-of-view video that’s racked up over 4 million views was shot last July, but posted on January 9th and has an overlay displaying the speed of the vehicle as it speeds along the A2 Autobahn connecting Berlin and Hannover, passing cars on his way.

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So, You Think Hybrids Are New?

And Finally . . .

She said: “I love your car”! Her boyfriend is not happy!