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New Members

We had no new members this past week.

Member Stories

Dave Brown writes:

I was curious what sort of member stories you’re looking for. Well, about a month ago I foolishly attempted to ignore the alternator warning light in my 2003 Boxster S. Just a few weeks earlier, the same light had illuminated and gone out on its own after a short drive. My charging system also tested ok with my Foxwell meter. When the alternator light came on, I was leaving our farm in Lexington Va. I made it to I81 south before more warning lights began appearing: airbag, ABS, etc. I made it back to the I64 west exit for Lexington when my dash began flickering like I was being abducted by aliens. I pulled onto the shoulder, phoned my wife and arranged a ride home. At home, I grabbed a pair of 12V batteries, each with 550CCA, that go in my daughters wheelchair. I also grabbed a set of jumper cables. Back at the Boxster, I hooked the two “jumper” batteries in parallel with my Boxsters battery. I strapped in and fired her up. The alternator light was on but all the other warning lights were extinguished. I hurried the 15 or so miles home without incident, happy I was able to avoid a flatbed tow.


Dave Brown

In Memory

We lost a longtime member and friend this past week. Jerry Hampton was one of my first friends when I joined the club over ten years ago. He and Rosie made Margee and me feel right at home at that first Planning Meeting at Keith Martin’s shop in Roanoke. And over the years, Jerry kept on giving. Most recently, he shared his stories of the annual trips he and Dick Hatch and others took down to Florida to the 24 Hours of Daytona. Gary Templeton told me of his passing. Jerry was a very active member of the club. He was our Business Chair in 2004 and 2005, then Vice President in 2006 and 2007 and President in 2008, 2009 and 2010. And of course Past President in 2011, 2012 and 2013. But more than that, Jerry supported the activities of the Club and was a friend to all. More info is here. His Celebration of Life will be held on Friday, March 4, 2022, at Pate Chapel/TRBC 701 Thomas Rd in Lynchburg, VA. The family will receive friends from 6 until 7 p.m. with the service to follow. Jerry was 80 years young.


Alert – I like to share lessons learned with my friends. So, yesterday, i was sitting at my computer, when a message popped up. “Cars and Coffee”, it said. “Acorn Hill Lodge and Bistro in Lynchburg, VA”, it continued. “Starts in 10 minutes!”, it ended. Well, that did a lot of good, when I live about an hour away. So, the lesson learned is ………………….

And oh, by the way, I apologize for not publishing anything in the blog about the upcoming Cars and Coffee. I will try to do better.

Cars and Coffee

Cars n’ Coffee #1

Attendance for Cars n Coffee  at Acorn Hill Lodge and Bistro was 21

Including our Test Drive Participant Steve Blanchard

Judging by the noise folks had fun.

Cars n’ Coffee #2 – Mar. 19 2022, 0930 Hrs.

Old Oak Cafe

410 Scruggs Rd.

Moneta VA 24121

RSVP by Noon on Wed. Mar. 16

RSVP will be to Gene Reed:  Social@brradmin

Drivers, Volunteers, and Guests/Crew for the upcoming March 25-27 PCA Zone 2 Club Race Advanced HPDE,

Registration will open this coming Friday (18 February) for this event.

There are options for:

  • Fri-Sun Advanced Solo HPDE drivers ($550)–lots of track time on Fri-Sat with sessions running between the race sessions and then a three hour block of track time after the races finish on Sunday.  These drivers will be provided a PCA Zone 2 HPDE T-shirt 
  • Sunday only Advanced Solo HPDE Drivers. ($150)  This will be an approximately three hour open track format HPDE session. These drivers will be provided a PCA Zone 2 HPDE T-shirt
  • Club Racers adding the Sunday only HPDE. ($150) (as above but signing up as a Club Racer at the Zone 2 event)
  • Zone 2 Club Race and HPDE Volunteers. We need all attendees at the event to register so VIR will allow entry as an event attendee and we know who our volunteer staff members are.  If you are a full time volunteer at the Club Race event we can discuss a discount for the Sunday only HPDE if you qualify .  “Full time” volunteers will be provided a hotel stipend as well as Club Race event swag and a volunteer party Friday evening, as well as a Happy Hour ticket for Saturday evening.
  • Guests/Crewmembers. We need everyone to register to enter VIR as well as our event premises in the North Paddock.  Everyone must sign a PCA waiver and wear our checkered wrist band. We will also have minor/child waivers on hand for parents to sign.

When registering as a non-volunteer be aware we will also have registration options located below the other main options to order: (just need to scroll down more and click appropriate boxes)

  • Club Race Jackets ($75) need size(s)
  • Club Race beanies ($10) one size fits all
  • Club Race Happy Hour Tickets ($10)

Schedule (subject to change) :  VIR_Z2CRschedule_with90minEnduros&HPDE2022(V1,7Feb22).xlsx

Tech Inspection Form (inspection must be accomplished/signed before the event by a mechanic other than yourself to meet PCA requirements) Zone2AdvancedDE2022TechForm.pdf

Speedwaiver. You’ll recieve a link to the on-line process when you register (accomplish on your phone)

Thanks for your interest in this event and please tell your track friends If you are no longer interested or part of PCA Zone 2 you can always edit your profile to delete Zone 2 as one of your affiliations.  If you have questions contact me by email, phone, or text.

Scott Hoffman PCA Zone 2 Club Race & DE event Registrar 301-247-4588


Summit Point

Track work continues here at Summit Point. The first two pictures are in Turn 10. Notice the conveyor belt on the back side to maintain the integrity of the wall so it stays 90 degrees vertical. The next two pics are the flag stand at Turn 9. (Somehow this does not make me feel more comfortable in turn 10, just sayin’.)

Formula 1

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Ground effects with flat bottoms were a thing, forty years ago… Same issues then.

What is “Porpoising”, and why is it causing Formula 1 teams a headache at 2022 Pre-season running?

What is the difference in the new Formula 1 Cars? There is a lot of differences. Click here to learn more.

Hogan’s Corner

VIR 2012, whose car is this and who are those people?

Porsches Gone Bad


Fast Women



Interesting profile.


And Finally