Blog – 2/21/2022


New Members

We have a new member this week. Please welcome Zetao Meng from Blacksburg, Virginia.  
He brings his 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 to the club.

Old Members

And our newest old member, Jeff Mangold shared a picture of his beautiful GT3. Awesome!

Planning Meeting

I know this is a repeat but we are closing in on Spring. Old Punxsutawney Phil said six weeks, Well, three weeks have passed, just three weeks to go! Here is what to look forward to.

Street Survival

Marc Wilson talked about what we have done as a club over the years. In the initial years, we were able to field the team of instructors and volunteers to do two events a year. But this is a big commitment. As we get restarted, the thinking is to do just one. Mark is investigating September 24/25 or October 1/2.

Rally Event

Jim Wallace s considering two dates, a Spring event on April 23 and a Fall event on September 17. The events will be limited to 4 hours.

Cars & Coffee

Gene Reed is planning one C&C per month. Also, they are considering adding a Drive to the event. Potential events might be:

  • Devil Backbone Restaurant –  C&C with a drive
  • Green Goat Restaurant on a nice day when we can park on the lawn as the parking lot is too small
  • Pete’s Restaurant
  • Crossroads Café in Woolwine

Other Events Discussed

  • BBQ/Fund Raiser
  • Driving Tour
  • Maddison Automotive Apprentice Program – JMU Internship Program – Drive and Visit
  • New Member’s Party
  • Holiday Party
  • Autocross




Horizontal Integration

Porsche Art.


Formula 1

Red Bull announces its new car for 2022. Read Here

Hogan’s Corner

April 2010 at VIR, the #59 Brumos Porsche leads the #9 Action Express Porsche V8 powered car through the turn.

Porsche Gone Bad


Looking for a little fixer-upper?


Thank you to Glenn Barts


Thought this was cute!

And Almost Last

And Lastly!