Blog 12/6/2021


No new members this past week.

Blue Ridge Region PCA Events

No upcoming coming events for this organization.

Hogan’s Corner

Mayberry Drive-in

BRR members enjoy the rainbow at Mayberry Drive-in in 2015

Funny and Fun

Are You Out There?

I am always trying to slip something by my audience. Back in the 11/22 Blog, I posted a story about driving my 1977 Porsche Carrera the previous week at VIR. I included the picture below of me coming out of the Oak Tree corner. No one commented on the picture. I am including it once again for your comments.

Cars and Coffee Supporting Toys for Tots at Charlottesville

It is that time of year when many organizations are sponsoring activities in support of the Toys for Tots program. David Hays sent me these pictures from the recent event up in Charlottesville. Some awesome cars.


David Hayes has a friend, Georgia who has a Porsche 356 that she purchased new in 1963. She still drives it! What a car!

High Performance Driving

Last week, I started a short series of High Performance Driving Techniques by Paradigm Shift Racing. They have tons of material on the art of performance driving. I thought I might feature several of their teaching blocks for your reading pleasure.

Included are:

  • The Racing Line
  • The Corner Exit Drag Race
  • Car Setup Science
  • Five Biggest Driving Technique Myths
  • Trail Braking
  • Racing Cockpit Optimization
  • and more.

This week, I am focusing on “The Corner Exit Drag Race”. Hope you are enjoying this.

Imagine a drag race between two identical cars.  A very unique drag race as shown in the illustration below.  One car starts normally, but the other car showed up late so the race starts right as the driver enters their lane perpendicular to the start line.  Which car would win?  In this article, we’ll not only look at the answer, but learn how it can help us optimize our driving on a race track.  We’ll get to that later, but first let’s play a game. Read More

Wanted and Offered

Dave Snow gave me this book about Stirling Moss. It was an excellent read. If you would like to borrow it, send me an email.

Porsche Gone Bad


Erwin Wurm’s “Convertible Fat Car (Porsche)” currently in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia (on loan from the Xavier Hufkens Gallery in Brussels, Belgium.)


When parking goes wrong: Hotel valet drives Porsche under SUV – ABC13 Houston