Blog 10/4/2021

Time for an Autumn Drive


We have had a slew of new members this past year. I just pulled together this list from our monthly roster. You are the new blood of our club. We welcome you again and hope you will get involved. The first year is the most important. If you get involved, you will remain a member. This club is unique in that so many of the original founding members are still involved today, perhaps a higher percentage than any region in the country.

Please try to come to our 40th Anniversary Celebration. It is about our old timers, but it is also about you! Even if you cannot join us for the dinner, come enjoy the activities and the car show. We want to meet you face to face.

9/14/2021Damain EllisMarion
9/9/2021KennethForeLynchburg 2020911 Carrera S
8/25/2021TimMartinRustburg2014911 Carrera S
8/3/2021MichaelAndersonRadford2022911 Carrera S Cabriolet
8/12/2021PhilipSchallRadford2012911 Carrera
8/22/2021AlvinJohnstonRoanoke2020911 Carrera 4S
7/4/2021JoshuaAlvaradoRoanoke2016Boxster Spyder
6/27/2021JohnPerry, IVForest2017718 Boxster
5/14/2021MarkMillerRoanoke2015Macan S
4/12/2021DavidBrownLexington2003Boxster S
4/16/2021JohnConelyRoanoke2004Cayenne Turbo
2/2/2021JoelHaileyLynchburg1989944 S2
9/21/2018SteveRainesSouth Charleston
2/24/2021BrentHolleyDaniels1999911 Carrera Cabriolet
2/14/2021EricHansenMoneta2015Cayman GTS
2/23/2021DavidKinslerRoanoke2020911 Carrera 4S
12/31/2020PaulPhillipsFincastle2013911 Carrera S
12/2/2020ChristopherDeenLexington1999911 Carrera
12/4/2020DennisWeiserbsRoanoke2015Cayman S
12/7/2020LarryDeHavenFincastle2018911 Carrera
12/16/2020GentryZentmeyerMartinsville2007911 Carrera S


40th Anniversary Celebration

Our limited seating is filling fast.  Register now to ensure you will be on the list!  Come enjoy the member’s car show, enjoy time with friends new and old, savor the upscale meal served in a classy setting and more.  Our speaker for the event who will engage all attendees not just the car people is Cole Scrogham; a leading Porsche restoration expert, race team manager, publisher and more!  

Covid Precautions – All attendees are required to wear masks while indoors except when seated and are strongly encouraged to do so while outside.  We will have an ample supply of masks and hand sanitizer on hand for all.   The catering staff, wearing masks and gloves, will be serving food to attendees as they go through the buffet line, so that the attendees aren’t touching the utensils.  Tables which normally seat 8 will be limited to 6 with a number of tables available to groups of 4 (dependent on final attendee count) to provide space for distancing.

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IMSA Race This Weekend

Big happenings down at Virginia International Raceway this coming weekend. DON’T MISS THIS! Go to IMSA and register now.

PCA Corral

Hogan’s Corner

At the Hagerty Cars & Coffee parade laps at VIR, the track marshal indicates I can go onto the track.

Porsche Gone Bad

Corvette Gone Wet

Normally I don’t cover boats on my blog. However, when I ran across this 2,700-horsepower ZR48 Corvette Boat I had to make an exception. It’s long, sleek, and probably what Batman would use on the open water, especially considering as you’ll see in the video it can get away from the police with ease.

In the included video, the owner of this boat is hot dogging around until apparently the US Coast Guard decides he’s being reckless. They give chase as he hits it, the Corvette Boat speeding off and easily gapping them by an embarrassing distance. Click here for the video.