Blue Ridge Region PCA gathering

Author: BRR Admin

SML Charity Tour

Our region is joining with the First Settlers Region for a weekend in the mountains and a tour around Smith Mountain Lake while raising money for charity and supporting the local food bank. This event will be limited to 70  attendees total from the Blue Ridge Region and the First Settlers Region.   For information and registration go to the FSR Smith Mountain Lake Charity Tour page.

Cars N Coffee Restarted!!!

Saturday, 26 June 2021 we had our first Cars ‘n Coffee since 14 March 2020. The parking lot of Blue Ridge Bagels in Lynchburg was crowded, so there were Porsches scattered all around the building. The bagel shop owners were well prepared for the crowd so the food arrived fast and very delicious. Since this was our first Cars ‘n Coffee in 15 months, there were a large number of Blue Ridge Region members there, 29 in total including four new members, Donovan and Mabel McCorrison with their improved Boxster and Jeff and Jennifer Coston in their beautiful Speed Yellow…

2nd Annual Gary Bell Rally Results

Well, Saturday was a great day for a drive in the countryside and we did drive.   Over 100 miles over the mountains, twists and turns thru the valleys, along the streams, cross farm lands, in and out of parklands, thru forests cascading views of our beautiful Virginia, all at or below the legal speed limit.  The rules were simple, follow directions like drive 9.2 miles to the intersection of Route 604, then turn left   And answer questions along the way, like “How many knomes are amongst the mushrooms?” or “How many slides on the play fort?”   There were 30 questions…

Replacing the 986 Boxster front engine mount

By Eddie Fort aka Shade Tree Mechanic Are you intimidated by the thought of working on your own Porsche? Well, you need not be. Doing basic maintenance on your Porsche as well as some more extensive repairs are just not that hard and once you get the courage to “jump into the deep end”. You’ll be surprised at just what you can accomplish with just a few basic tools and a little time. In this installment I’m going to discuss the why and how to replace the Boxster’s front engine mount. If your Boxster is 5 or more years old and/or…