2nd Annual Gary Bell Rally Results

Well, Saturday was a great day for a drive in the countryside and we did drive.   Over 100 miles over the mountains, twists and turns thru the valleys, along the streams, cross farm lands, in and out of parklands, thru forests cascading views of our beautiful Virginia, all at or below the legal speed limit.  The rules were simple, follow directions like drive 9.2 miles to the intersection of Route 604, then turn left   And answer questions along the way, like “How many knomes are amongst the mushrooms?” or “How many slides on the play fort?”   There were 30 questions to answer along the 100+ mile drive.  And we were trying to match a time to complete the course based on driving the speed limit.  If  you came in too early, you were disqualified.  It required careful driving and a good navigator to successfully complete the course.  And the winners were:
1st place –        Kamran Razvan and Bethany Teague       150 points    $50 Gift Cert.2nd place –      Al Durham and Beth Durham                    145 points    $25 Gift Cert.3rd place –       Greg Micheal and Lauren Micheal            125 points    $10 Gift Cert.