Story – 1974 Porsche

Flat towing the 911

So, many of you know I restored my 1974 Porsche Carrera and overdid the restoration just a bit. Anyways, I have been accused of babying it a bit, you know, only bringing it out on the nicest of days, on the best of conditions etc, etc. So, a few weeks ago, it would not start and we discovered that the gas in the line had vaporized and the pump would not pull/push the gas to the engine. The solution was to drive it more, and I have been trying.

So, on this past Wednesday I had an appointment in town and thought I would combine it with a visit with our friend, Dick Hatch who is over at Friendship Rehabilitation on Starkey Road. And being a nice day, I thought I would take the 74 out for a nice drive. I should have listened when my wife, Margee, said “Now, don’t call me if you have any problems!” With those words in my head, I set off for my drive.

I took care of my appointment and headed over to see Dick. His wife, Caryl, was there. I had not seen her in a while, so we chatted. Since I had just started a new Section for the Blog titled “Blasts from the Past” which features the hundreds if not thousands of pictures that Caryl painstakingly placed and noted in our Blue Ridge Region photo albums, we spent awhile talking about them.

When I left there, my car had been sitting out in the hot sun for an hour or so. And when I went to start her, guess what? She would not start. So, after a visit from Marc, we decided to flat tow it down to Sports Car Clinic for some “adjustments” to the fuel lines. There was a reason that Porsche decided to relocate the fuel pump to the front of the car. Marc has a work around and I will pick up the car today.

Kudos to Shawn at Professional Auto Towing and Service in Salem who knows what he is doing!

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